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We'd love to hear your thoughts about the long awaited 'Peeping Tom' album.  Feel free to leave a review of the album and if you haven't got your copy yet you can buy it from the 1-STOP webstore.   (Some comments have been provided via Jennie's facebook page).

Quotes I'm playing my copy really loud now! It really does sound amazing. I am so pleased for you - I know how much hard work you've put into getting this album out to us fans! Thank you so much Jennie BelleSTAR! Malc xxx Quotes
Bellestar Groupie!

Quotes IT'S HERE!!!!!!!! Just got in from work and first words to Pete was "Is it here???" So excited to finally have it in my hands.... listening to it now all of your hard work has paid off Jen and all of you guys have worked so hard promoting the songs... cannot even start to say how proud I am of you all and so proud to have been there from the beginning with the first debut gig... LUVYA loads!!! xxxx Quotes
Allie Mayor

Quotes Just been listening to my copy and its mint. Jennie Matthias for all of you that don't know, Our Jennie was the front of The Bellestars back in the 80's... Fab album give it a listen.. She's back :D Quotes
Dawn Marie

Quotes guess what im listening too right now? he he super duper album and well worth the wait .good things come from hard times jen a road travelled this last couple of years but stop and take in the journey.look at all the happy people who surround us. in the words of my song BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXX BLOODY LOVE YOU JEN THANK YOU FOR BEING A TRUE FRIEND NO MORE THAN THAT A LIGHT WHEN I WAS DARK A STAR WHEN I NEEEDED GUIDING.FOR THAT I THANK YOU ALWAYS XX Quotes
Skippy Rumbold

Quotes THANKS FOR MY COPY OF PEEPING TOM LISTENING TO IT NOW .. QUALITY SKAAAA! It is well worth a listen if you haven?t bought it yet ..there's still time you won't be disappointed Quotes
Aaron Spark

Quotes okay I ' ve listened it once 2 days ago (without listening on your web page ) and it's a too computerized/sequencers for me , I prefered BIG 5.and the Specials who play tonight in Paris . Cheers ! Quotes
cd received

Quotes I was fortunate enough to be at the Woolacombe Scooter Rally where 1 Stop were headlining. I have to say they are very tight, this is how Ska should be done. I immediately bought the album and there isn't a weak track on there, hope I get the chance to see the band again, fantastic. Quotes
Paul Bridges

Quotes What can I say......? I LOVE IT !!! I listen every day whilst travelling, and to be quite frank, I hate getting to my destination. It's like leaving a good friend after a great night out. Well done Jen and well done the 1-Stop Experience!!!!!! WHAT A YEAR!!!! Quotes
Rudie Ruthie Jenner

Quotes been waiting nearly 2 years for this....not dissapointed!! 14 songs, obviously from the heart, a fantastic blend of ska and soul....'Hope' is my favourite.....'Untouchable' is a ska gem with a touch of Jennie's humour!!! 10/10 right..headfones back on Mad Mick xx Quotes
Mick Jenner
Rude Boy

Quotes 1 Stop Expierience, is the new band fronted by Jennie "Belle Star" Mathias.Their debt album Peeping Tom thobs with SKA floor stomping sounds such as "headless chicken" & "Mentaly Ska'd" to name just a couple of songs/tunes you wont forget once you pluck it up & bang it on your C.D PLAYER. A word for you wise this C.D is highy contagious as it invokes you to get up and Skank and burn the floor. If you need more proof in what i have said, then you know where to order. O 1 more thing Love & Unity all you Jenny fans, we've waited so long for her new material, here it is Crrystal Clear to the ear . (increase the Peace) your Bro' J.B ;-) Quotes
Rudie J.B




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Album Reviews

  • "‎1 Stop Experience, awesome !! check them on ReverbNation! Peeping Tom : like a reggae-ska Billie Holyday, warm low register voice and nice jazzy mood with the piano and..."
    Classic Boy
    Taken from Jen's FB page
  • "CD (and stickers and badges) arrived in the mail today - already listened to the album. I like it! Great sound, great songs, great pop-ska beats! I was a fan of the Bel..."
    Jim Finnigan
    Got the CD today

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