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Jen's announcement

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It is with great sadness that I announce my departure from the UK performance circuit; there will be no more 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE shows in the UK after June 2013 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has shown their support over the years, either by their presence at our shows or buying our CD’s. I would also like to thank the promoters and especially Steve Foster and Andy Sws for having us grace their stages offering us a chance to reach a wider audience, you guys totally rock. There will be a second album, I have written enough songs for two but alas I will only record one and so will pick the best out of the lot. We have made many friends along the way and have had some incredible moments in your company. The band, who remains great friends, will work together again in some format or other and of course starting on the new album in the summer. I apologise to all those people we did not reach with our live performances, sorry, but for health reasons I feel it is time to throw in the towel and make way for the new breed. 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE will however play in Europe when asked as it is less tasking than the UK. 23rd March at the Fiddlers will be our last London gig as 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE and we shall keep to our commitments from now until the end of June, sorry we cannot take up the gig offers for the end of the year and gutted that we have had to cancel some. On a personal level I shall miss you all but if any of you are in London and want to say goodbye then do pop in to The Fiddlers on the 23rd March and join us for a last knees up. THANK YOU again for all being so amazing. Jennie Matthias

London gig on 23 March 2013

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Okay 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE lovers it's official. 1-STOP will be recording their first ever EP at DIABLO RECORDS (Camden Recording Studio's) and for all who have been asking for vinyl we shall also be having 200 vinyl copies of brand new organic 1-STOP songs, PLEASE don't forget the name DIABLO RECORDS you might even like to check out the page and hit their button whilst you're there as we will be having product on this label very soon...Jen x


1-STOP-EXPERIENCE play Ireland

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Okay we are all confirmed and now added for Tramore festival and the website for this is as follows, we cannot wait to share our vibe with you all in Ireland, http://www.tramoreskafest.com/

we hope to meet many of the people that have been asking for us to come over...THANK YOU from 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE X


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Jennie Matthias and the 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE would like to thank everyone that has supported them so far, including the promoters, we have been inspired by your amazing feedback for the PEEPING TOM album and live performances and at times have been positively overwhelmed with the support we get after a show, as a result our supporters are growing in numbers and the album has nearly sold out. The pressure is now on to create a 2nd album; the focus is on making it even better than the debut ‘PEEPING TOM’

We want this album to be incredible for our listeners but in order to do this it means we have to sacrifice something, so we have decided to stop all performances until 2013 so as we can focus on giving you our very best recording to date. We shall be back in 2013 hopefully with an album launch and much better sound on record and stage…THANK YOU all again for your fabulous kind words and wonderful feedback, please keep looking on our band site for updates, WE LOVE you all x

1-STOP-EXPERIENCE - success in Poland!

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New footage as seen thru the eyes of a Polish supporter now up on you tube, Jennie Matthias & 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE loves POLAND and we are so going back again.  This video features, Skip McDonald Lenny Bignell Damon Brown Martin Sawtell, Ruby Fortune Ian Powell, Rob Poyton Jennie Matthias and of course the beautiful Polish audience x

Lancashire Telegraph press

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Yours Truly - Jennie to host debut gig

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These are YOURS TRULY 3 amazing young ladies that can sing a tune, their debut is on May the 19th at Bar Solo. I Jennie Matthias will be the host and DJ Bosher will be the DJ for the night the girls have chosen 6 of my songs and added them to their lively repertoire, I am very proud to be their mentor, these girls really have something different going on and are tipped for stardom PLEASE join me and YOURS TRULY and watch history in the making - the night is FREE and you are all welcome, the girls are amazing Jennie Matthias can my dear friends and supporters PLEASE SHARE this, and also https://www.facebook.com/yourstrulynow" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">LIKE their Facebook page THANK YOU so much Jen X

Jennie Bellestar - Front cover! On Sale Soon!

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Peeping Tom - now on i-tunes and Amazon

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Peeping Tom, the debut album by  1-STOP-EXPERIENCE is now available for download from
i-tunes and Amazon.



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