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London gig on 23 March 2013

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1-STOP-EXPERIENCE play Ireland

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Okay we are all confirmed and now added for Tramore festival and the website for this is as follows, we cannot wait to share our vibe with you all in Ireland, http://www.tramoreskafest.com/

we hope to meet many of the people that have been asking for us to come over...THANK YOU from 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE X

1-STOP-EXPERIENCE - success in Poland!

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New footage as seen thru the eyes of a Polish supporter now up on you tube, Jennie Matthias & 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE loves POLAND and we are so going back again.  This video features, Skip McDonald Lenny Bignell Damon Brown Martin Sawtell, Ruby Fortune Ian Powell, Rob Poyton Jennie Matthias and of course th...

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Yours Truly - Jennie to host debut gig

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These are YOURS TRULY 3 amazing young ladies that can sing a tune, their debut is on May the 19th at Bar Solo. I Jennie Matthias will be the host and DJ Bosher will be the DJ for the night the girls have chosen 6 of my songs and added them to their lively repertoire, I am very proud to be their mentor, these girls really have something different going on and are tippe...

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Peeping Tom album launch is today! Sunday 30th Oct 2011

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2011 PEEPING TOM Official launch party 

UNDER SOLO, Inverness Street, Camden Town - £6 entry on the door.

NOTE: The band will be playing the whole album live from 7pm to 8.30pm.  Get there early!

Peeping Tom - album launch video

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Peeping Tom - Album launch

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1-STOP-EXPERIENCE ALBUM LAUNCH - 30 October 2011 + DIGIT SOUND SYSTEM + DJ Bosher.  £6 entry on the door.


1-STOP-EXPERIENCE have now secured a date and place for their album launch. 30th Oct UNDER SOLO Inverness Street, Camden Town, DIG IT SOUND SYSTEM will be playing a short set also up stairs at Bar Solo a tad earlier for your enjoyment: We will be playing the whole album from 7pm to 8.30pm then for those that want to party we go back up st...

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Check out this cool review of 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE at the Lady Somerset Street Festival. Organised by Roger Lloyd Pack who played Trigger in 'Only Fools and Horse', 1-STOP-EXPERIENCE played two sets throughout the day to an appreciative crowd. Read the whole edition at

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FREE GIG THIS SUNDAY 11th September 2011

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‎1-STOP-EXPERIENCE are doing a FREE gig this weekend in Kentish Town Lady Somerset Road, it is FREE and family friendly so if you're at a loss for something to do, bring yourself down, we play two sets 3.00 & 6.00 and you are all welcome...BIG LOVE JEN X