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We'd love to hear your thoughts about the long awaited 'Peeping Tom' album.  Feel free to leave a review of the album and if you haven't got your copy yet you can buy it from the 1-STOP webstore.   (Some comments have been provided via Jennie's facebook page).

Quotes ‎1 Stop Experience, awesome !! check them on ReverbNation! Peeping Tom : like a reggae-ska Billie Holyday, warm low register voice and nice jazzy mood with the piano and the trumpet, the samples add a strange vintage radio atmosphere, I love the different voice tracks, some sung, other murmured?very cool ! Untouchable : uplifting ska tune with a fresh and modern production and spooky sounds, top notch voice again, I love the way you share vocals on the chorus with the man voice, the kinda dub effects on horns are spacey and sweet. Headless chicken: we can hear wide range possibilities of your voice, shoo la la shoo shoo : the equivalent of Be bop a Lula for the future! Again I love the cross between your ska and the dub effects. Fame Game: kinda tropical-cuban mood, I can smell the rum and the cigars smoke! Nice! Hope: Probably one of of my fav?, a cool not overly produced reggae song, the voice is so true, very well sung? yeah very nice one. There?s soul in this Quotes
Classic Boy
Taken from Jen's FB page

Quotes CD (and stickers and badges) arrived in the mail today - already listened to the album. I like it! Great sound, great songs, great pop-ska beats! I was a fan of the Belle Stars and I'm glad you're continuing the tradition. Thanks to Adrian Sherwood for giving the heads-up on his Facebook page! Quotes
Jim Finnigan
Got the CD today

Quotes Just received cd in the mail box 2days ago and i just cant stop listening it again and again. What a freshness and soul is in it. Love the dub touch from Sherwood and horns are so crispy - not to mention the sweetest voice on the earth. The album is beyond any style - soul shall prevail - hope that it would be any occasion to see Ya' live somewhere . . keep on the good work...best regards from Slovenija Quotes
music lover

Quotes The "1-Stop experience" album is simply the best right now into the Ska music of today for me. I Like the "On U sound" dub touch in it... Well done! Big up to all the crew! Guitou alias DJ JR Quotes

Quotes What a great album. Good luck and best wishes. Quotes
Steve Richardson

Quotes A great album .. Well done to all concerned .. Stand out tracks for me are the grubby sounding (matching it's subject matter to a tee !!) Peeping tom , Fame Game and Untouchable. Roll on album No 2 Quotes
Mick Allen

Quotes Hmmm, I'm not a critic but I can be real critical. I tried to not have any expectations for this album as I had little idea what to expect. I'm now here to say it absolutely exceeded any expectations I could have had. Took it for a drive today, listened to it (loud) twice and it's brilliant!! An instant classic, I don't know how it could be better!! Cheers to all involved and if I don't hear another album from this crowd soon I just might shoot myself in despair!! Was also pleased that it came in an actual jewel box rather than one of those cheesy-ass cardboard sleeves. A beauty job beginning to end! Thanks!!xx Quotes
Jim Davis
overwhelmed customer

Quotes Such an excellent album !! I have played this album to death since I have had it, Jenny and the Band have done a fantastic job. Can't say I have a favourite track, as I like all of them so much. If you haven't purchased the album yet then do so, believe me you will not be disappointed, it is a great addition to my SKA & Two Tone collection. 'Big Love' to Jen & the Band xxx 1 Stop Experience have definitely arrrived !! Quotes
Richard Lock

Quotes Jenny I LOVE the album absolutely absolutely it's genius- your genius I can't wait to see what you're going to do next -you just turn me out!! Your talent is gorgeous and we've got a work girl -we've got a work I just love you to bits love you my sister. May God bless u,can't wait 2 be Creating thru the night w ya again. A joy & a honor!!! Quotes
Little Annie

Quotes OMG. An unbelievable pressie arrived in the post today. My 1-Stop cd got here today and cannot tell the 1 Stop crew enough how happy I am! I was a bit floored when I noticed my picture in the liner notes of the cd booklet. As per your advice, this album is going to find a permanent place on my Ipod today! Hats off to everyone who is a part of the 1 Stop crew. You mde this guy a pretty happy fellow today and I look forward to blasting some sounds today while I paint! The 1 Stop crew is amazing and I am so pleased to be a part of this album. You all did a bang up job! Love from Cape Cod!! Quotes
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