Jennie Matthias

Scootering - Issue 314, August 2012


Peeping Tom album review in Scootering Issue 314, Aug 2012

The 1-Stop-Experience is former Bellestar Jennie Matthias’ latest project, and Peeping Tom is their 14 track debut album. Already a veteran of a scooter rally or two, Peeping Tom showcases 1-Stop’s take on the world in a ska stylee. Yes it is unmistakably a ska album... but you don’t have to be a diehard to enjoy it.

Jennie’s voice alone gives it an edge that others simply can’t offer, and that’s before you start listeningto the band themselves.

Untouchable is first, and makes you think of the ‘Made in Chelsea’ brigade fortunately for no other reason than lines like: “Don’t you know who I am?’’ as the subject tries to gain free entry to a club. It’s easy going, almost traditional ska in sound, contagious, endearing all within earshot thanks to the delivery.

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1-STOP-EXPERIENCE - Lancashire Telegraph, June 2012


1-STOP-EXPERIENCE - Music Maker Front Cover feature (May 2012)


Jennie features on the May edition of Music Maker magazine with a feature article inside. 

1-STOP-EXPERIENCE - Lady Somerset Road Party (September 2011)


November 2009 - Promo CD Review - written by MACAVITY


There are unexpected delights that you rarely find but secretly hope you have been told to listen to since it is not always possible to find every amazing band or album. Such is the case of this mostly hidden treasure of the Limited Edition self titled EP from Jen & Friends.

After listening many times over to the five tracks provided you get a very clear picture that you have indeed run across one of those elusive unique treasures that falls in to the category of astounding music.

Jen provides some of the best vocals to be heard lately on almost any CD with her “friends” providing excellent backing and instrumentation that perfectly complements her vocal diversity and range. With a decidedly Ska sound and many elements of Reggae, it stills falls within a distinctive category that defies genre designation. These qualities of vocals and diversity can be heard on every track. Each tune has a different feel and makes a statement that is worth listening closely to for remarkable articulate lyrics that tell a story.

Such is the case especially with “Hope” and “Untouchable” which shows life at different places and yet really is at the same place. Sultry and velvety vocals flow through both songs but break out to an edgier and more upbeat sound to match the catchy music of the latter especially well.

The standout track of this enchanting EP is “Peeping Tom” where spoken word samples are cleverly used to emphasize the lyrics and compliment the yet lower range velvety vocals and the especially sultry music that all the while is making a very strong statement.

This EP is marketed to be a taste of what is to come on the full length CD and these songs appear to not be included in future releases. This makes this EP a must have for any music lover that appreciates quality, unique and articulate music performed exceptionally well. Jen & Friends refer to this as “Intelligent Ska” and you will find this CD to be a perfect example of that and so much more!

Macavity is a contributor to MUEN MAGAZINE and this review will appear in the next edition of the magazine.